Basic treatment

A facial treatment starts with cleansing the face and decollete. Followed by a skin analysis and consultation in order to determine the treatment plan.
A deep cleaning follows. By using a vapozon or peel, your skin is softened so that any impurities can easily be removed.
If necessary, the eyebrows can be epilated.
Then, it's time to enjoy a relaxing facial massage for a good blood circulation and elimination of impurities. During a face massage, the neck and shoulder area are also included.
The calming massage is followed by a mask specifically chosen for your skin. During the mask, eye compresses are placed on the eyes for a calming and refreshing effect.
The treatment will end with a nurturing day or night cream.

If you want to have the ultimate relaxing treatment, go for a short back massage before the treatment.


Luxury treatment / Luxury treatment plus

The luxury treatment starts off with the basic treatment, however, is expanded with lysing and a serum.
The extensive treatment uses a serum that is massaged on the skin.
The serum contains high-quality active substances that penetrate deep into the skin and provides intensive hydration and stimulates the skin's healing capacity.
The luxury treatment plus has a 'Calming osmosis Institute Mask' instead of the basic mask. The natural active ingredients and vitamin C stimulate circulation and have an anti-aging effect.

Introduction treatment

Choosing a beautician is not always easy. That is why there is an introductory treatment for new customers.
A short treatment in which you can get to know me and the products I use, in order to determine if it suits you.

The introduction treatment consists of:


Back / neck massage

After the back is heated by using compresses, a back massage follows with the help of skin-care vegetable oils.
This can be a relaxing classic massage or a deep tissue massage.
The latter is a powerful form of massage in which deep-acting techniques are used to release muscle tensions and adhesions and to stimulate blood flow.